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2021 : Colombia, Heading towards Brotherhood!

Let’s work together for a world of light and love!

Dear brothers and sisters,

Today we invite you with great joy to the


of the Universal White Brotherhood in Colombia, South America, in the rural center Zafiro

 from 19th December 2021 to 9th January 2022

The year 2021 has been very special, a year that, despite all the obstacles, invites us to continue with the fraternal work in the crystalline and majestic surroundings of the domain of ZAFIRO, located in the heart of the Andes mountain chain at 2.800 m of elevation.

This fifth international congress of the Universal White Brotherhood in Colombia, South America, aims to reinforce the fraternal links that allows us to live the brotherhood throughout the world as well as to know us better, to share, to build… to help ourselves mutually to help our Master to achieve the New Earth.

Taking Bonfin as a model, the wonderful center where the Master planted the seed of the New Life, Zafiro is a serene pearl that invites the brothers and sisters of the entire world to the materialization of the New Earth.

How is your stay in Zafiro going to be?

Let’s seat down while the stars still whisper their sweet prayers… Around seven o’clock in the morning, the dawn opens to the smile of the Sun, the Andes silence, the beauty of the world is born…

In the distance, the haze reveals the splendor of the mountain chain and the sweetness of the lakes, inviting us to discover those unique, pure, and immemorial spaces! And this is what we will do during the day after breakfast that is taken outdoors, if the weather allows it.

Then, we will dance the Paneuritmia in a magic place where the magic of Zafiro expresses the beauty of its name that, as a blue sapphire, is the brightness of the sky where the stars dance so close to us, that some days these are visible in broad daylight, sending their perfumes and chants to the cosmos…

Blue, the beauty of the air of the brotherhood, whereas step by step, happy, we dance the joy of the Earth, separating the limitations of life, celebrating with our gestures correct thoughts and the generous spring…

Blue our crystalline, happy and harmonious chants companions of the daily peace and of the chant of the world, builders of the Sun in the Earth!

In the morning, the gymnastics will allow us to swim in an ocean of a sky that descends in a waterfall of stars in our gestures… It will allow us to breathe the ocean of a strong Earth… It will allow us to listen to the solar whispering of the Andes that goes through our movements to find the chant of its sisters so far away and so close in that vibrant sky.

The schedules of the conferences and of the meals will be flexible and established depending on the activities and the preparation of the meals. Our food will come from the vegetable garden and from the fraternal crops. Vegetables extracted from the flavor of a generous land irrigated with stars and with the wind of the mountains. And tropical, fresh and delicious fruits …

The food will give us the strength for a few walks that will lead us to discover the multiple aspects of Zafiro and some populations close to the fraternal center.

A climb to Iguaque’s lagoon is planned, to an elevation of 3.800 m for the boldest, for those who want to fly in the Andean space… The guide will be a Colombian brother and alpinist, pardon me: “andinist”!

All these activities are waiting for you in the light and in the fraternal happiness. You will be in the arms of Mother Nature, surrounded by magnificent trees, by sparkling flowers, by singing springs, and by an environment of love created by everyone!

The temperature is very pleasant and it resembles greatly the temperature of the Bonfin in Easter: 5°C to 10°C (41F°-50°F) at sunrise and 15°C to 21°C (59ºF-70ºF) during the day. Generally, December – January is dry season when the Sun shines happily. But in the tropics, especially in the mountains, prepare to be surprised!

The accommodations are simple and adapted to the request: modest rooms for two people, a dormitory, and tents. The transportation from the international airport in Bogota to Zafiro will be provided by a tourism company in a car adapted to the number of travellers.

We invite you, with devotion and love, to participate with your love in the spiritual construction of this fraternal center in Colombia. Everything that we build in the invisible will be one day accomplished in the physical plane!

If you can come from 19th December 2021 to 9th January 2022 and join us, the brothers and sisters of Colombia will wait for you with opened arms. We will be very happy to be able to carry out fraternal exchanges with all of you.

For additional information about the prices of the tourist visits and about any the detail that you want to know, please contact us from 17th June 2021 on by sending an e-mail to the Brotherhood in Colombia: kalagiya@hotmail.com


Your brothers and sisters of Colombia who send you messages of happiness and light in a beautiful dove of love.

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