Fourth International Christmas Congress

2020 - 2021

Third International Christmas Congress

2019 - 2020

Second International Christmas Congress

From December 19th, 2018 to January 6th, 2019



There are several reasons that took me to Zafiro, but I will only refer to two. The first one I can explain with the words that correspond to my personal development: Curiosity. The second reason I cannot explain because it corresponds more to an inner impulse, to a kind of natural ancient instinct that becomes more acute and sensitive fed in the silence and in a constant need of introspection that can be as well a consequence of a superior form of hunger of knowledge.

To this I must add that beauty, and the order that beauty demands in order to be as it is, are something that also makes my gaze focus on Zafiro. Beauty is an expression of love; this unsettles me but at the same time it moves me because I know that the beautiful, the genuinely beautiful, is also a sublime way of overcoming pain. A rebellion of the soul that does not settle for and before ignorance; a flag with which life confronts death.

I am not the bearer of a special or privileged curiosity, no. I carry the same nature that has been granted to us all in the beginning of time, and I have chiseled it to understand it, with hammer blows of willpower; many times mistaking or ignoring the course of the Divine goal with its brightness to follow the uncertain paths of my fragile humanity. However, as for everyone, the sun has not been hidden for me either.

My stay of a few days at the Second International Congress of the Universal White Brotherhood in Colombia based in Zafiro, transcended the physical border. I thoughtfully enjoyed the fraternal disposition of the participants attending the congress. This allowed me to pay attention to the conferences and other activities that were held, several of these with the rich simplicity of the daily tasks. Nevertheless, I emphasize first of all the beauty of the chants, their contents, and the harmony that is also embedded in the moment of prayer, before and after the yoga of nutrition.

Undoubtedly, the geography of Zafiro attracts the attention because I perceive in it a kind of cosmic page that makes it easy to understand what it is delivered there. At the same time, this demands, in addition to a high level of concentration, a spiritual disposition that can find its mold in the natural manifestations that the universe gives: the nights with the clear sky inviting the eyes to see beyond, the sound of the wind in the forest of eucalyptus and oaks, bringing to our attention the natural sounds of the earth, maybe tuned within the foliage with the music of the eternal soul. And between that natural and infinite drawing, the expected dawns for us to be attentive, after our movement, to encounter the sun. The abundance of each dawn nourishes us, each flash of light illuminates a letter of ourselves, but does not blind us, and on the contrary, it increases our sight.

I still treasure in my emotional memory and in the memory of my senses the reverberation of that superior nourishment, and although I am not going to search for anything, because all truth is closed at hand and we are born with it sowed in our heart, I celebrate all that allows us to see this, and that helps us to look into it because nothing is hidden for the glance that is born within love.

A brother within love,

Pedro Villalba Ospina

March 5th, 2019

First International Christmas Congress

From December 19th, 2017 to January 7th, 2018

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